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I joined :devart: March 2013.  Being downsized from my previous job, time was on my hands.  I joined to view the artwork.  To see artist from different counties with different styles and tastes.  Doing google searches for subjects I like kept sending me to :devart:  hehe  Guess there are great artists here.
Princess my first cat was my first deviation.  (She passed away. old age of 22)
Why did you wake me? by doozle-lange

I am not an artist just an art lover.  I am a writer.  Whether good or not at writing, others can judge.  I like my stuff.

Part 1:Ch 1-2-3: Kyoshi Warriors: Badlands Wars by doozle-lange
First story posted as a deviation (PDF)  Chapter 1, Part 4 is from Sozin's Comet where Azula is defeated by Zuko and sent to the asylum.
After The Promise Trilogy showed that Fire Lord Zuko let his sister, Azula, "rot" in the "nuthouse,' I wondered why would he do that?
I guess that he didn't want competition for the throne.  Or, he wanted revenge for what Azula had done to him.
So, I sent in the Kyoshi Warriors (Ty Lee) to rehab Azula.  Original story was Chapter 1, Part 4 and chapter 2.
Now the story has exploded into a monster.  Five separate stand alone trilogies if read together gives the entire saga.
Kyoshi Warriors Alternative Universe Series by doozle-lange
I also did a collaboration with  paperclipfreak   :iconpaperclipfreak:
The Liar - Cover by paperclipfreak

I do screenshots.  Love this one from Avatar:The Last Airbender Episode 4.  Suki.
hello Suki by doozle-lange

Use doll programs to bring my OC's to life.  This is first one Huoyan.  She will live to be over 200 years. 
Jeong Jeong will say something about her internal 'flame' burning so brightly.
Kyoshi Warrior Huoyan by doozle-lange

Then one of my friends here suggested the program DAZ 4.6.  I call these 'dolls' too.  Hair style changes will be explained in the stories.
Azula 113 ASC Azula the kid by doozle-lange  Ty Lee 113 ASC Ty Lee's pounce by doozle-lange 
Warrior Mates 112 ASC  Warrior Mates Tyzula by doozle-lange   Mai 102 ASC Mai protects child by doozle-lange

Hope to finish the Kyoshi Warrior Alternate Universe sage someday.  Reason I am obsessed about the Kyoshi Warriors.
Avatar: The Last Airbenders had 1 episode with the Warriors and a few scenes in Appa's lost days.
Legend of Korra has nothing about the Kyoshi Warriors as of Book 3 Episode 9. 
The Kyoshi Warriors reminded me of the Samurai and 'The way of the Warrior.'


doozle-lange's Profile Picture
Gary Lange, Jr.
United States
Blank paper comes alive with the colour of words.
Art speaks the words of the heart.
Both together breathes life.

"Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset." -- Saint Francis de Sales

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